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Canteen Account User's Manual

The canteen account is created through the school account. The canteen owner can add products, sell them, as well as receive electronic payments via student e-wallets.

Guardian Account User's Manual

Guardians can top-up their own e-wallets, add their children's profiles, allocate an allowance and a daily limit for each child, browse canteen products and purchase processes, and restrict unwanted products.

School Account
User's Manual

Allows the school administration to add canteens, create accounts for vendors, view registered students, add students who were not able to register, as well as aiding them in transferring their daily allowance after topping up their e-wallet.

Company Profile

The Commercial Settlement Company (closed joint-stock) is a Saudi company working in the field of developing electronic payment systems through its

team and its partners inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Maqsafy Profile

Maqsafy application came about to completely automate the canteen selling process by enabling the canteen to receive payments from student e-wallets.

Student Account User's Manual

Enables the student to view their account, allowance set by their guardian, and canteen products. The student account can either be created by self-registration or through the guardian's account.

Maqsafy Logo In High Definition

Maqsafy Brand Identitiy User's Guide

General user's guide for Maqsafy brand identity that includes information on how to use the Maqsafy brand logo, fonts, colour scheme, as well as the incorrect ways of branding Maqsafy.

Maqsafy Academy User's Guide

Works towards developing the entire society by providing them with scientific and practical skills, as Maqsafy Academy offers specialised courses in several fields serving different groups of people under the supervision of elite experts and specialists.

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