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Operater Account

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The operators enable to add the vendors and monitor the sale process in the canteens and the orders and review all the reports and withdrawals to his bank account. Moreover, it also allows him to add products and their prices.


  1. Add the staff, products and prices.

  2. Follow up the sales, orders and monitor the sale process.

  3. Review all the reports.

  4. Manage the accounts of the supervisors and vendors.

  5. Manage its canteens and follow up on them.

  6. Withdrawal the wallet balance to the bank account.

The registration process for Maqsafy Operators 

  1. Fill out the following form.

  2. Input data will be verified and you will be contacted.

  3. After that the information of entry will be send to your phone or email that filled it in form.

  4. Sign in through the web site that have been sent to the email.

  5. Manage your setting such as, (add the vendor and products as well as you can follow up the sales.

The information of the operation company
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