About Maqsafy

About the company


The Commercial Settlement Company (closed joint-stock) is a Saudi Arabian company working in the field of developing electronic payment systems through its team and partners, inside and outside Saudi Arabia, where the company implemented the project of the Maqsafy application through online app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

The Idea

Fully automating the canteen selling process up by enabling canteens to receive payments via student e-wallets.

It allows parents to install the application, add their children, along with their respective monetary allowances, as well as spreading the monetary values in a day by day manner while being able to monitor the items purchased every day.

Get to know Maqsafy


Enabling the school community to administer school nutrition financially and healthily via a comprehensive electronic system.


To build a generation that is conscious both financially and healthy, starting with the school community.