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Organic Grocery Store

Supplier Account


Supplier Account

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It enables the suppliers to display their products, receive orders from the school canteens/restaurants, sell them and receive funds electronically from the canteens' wallets, where the supplier account and any other products are created by Maqsafy App management.

Admin Privileges:

  • Add store and showcase products

  • Track orders

  • Manage supplier and driver accounts

  • Create, manage, and track trips

  • Withdraw credit to bank account


How to Register

  1. Fill out (supplier account) form below

  2. Valid commercial registry

  3. Vocational/store license if required

  4. High-quality images of products to be supplied

  5. Product description

Application follow-up mechanism

  • Constant and regular logins to monitor your orders

  • Updating products depending on availability to ensure being able to fulfil your orders

  • Keeping in touch with customers by sharing a direct and indirect address, as well as your telephone number and email address through which you would like to communicate with customers.

Supplier Account Registration Form

Attached Commercial Registration/Licence

Thank you! Request received

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