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Guardian’s Account


Guardian’s Account

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The guardian can add money to his e-wallet, add his children, allocate an expense and a daily limit for each child, view the canteen products and purchase processes, and prevent unwanted products, as well as pre-ordering the meal from home.

Admin Privileges:

  • Top-up or withdraw from e-wallet

  • Add and manage children

  • Add credit for each child

  • Edit child details

  • Set a daily spending limit on each child

  • Restrict unwanted items

  • Browse canteen products

  • Monitor child purchases

  • Pre-order items for a child


How to Register

  1. Download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  2. Select "Create New Account"

  3. Select "Guardian" and enter mobile number

  4. Enter code sent by SMS

  5. Complete personal information

  6. Top-up credit using Visa, Mada, or MasterCard

  7. Add children by selecting "Add New Child"

  8. Add credit for each child while setting a daily limit

Registration Video Tutorial

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