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Terms and Conditions

This policy of terms and conditions (“Use Policy”) relates to your use of the “Maqsafy App/Website” available at ( ).

 “Maqsafy” is one of the Commercial Settlement Company) a Closed joint-stock) initiatives, that come to provide electronic solutions to keep pace with the digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Maqsafy came to regulate the sale process in the canteens electronically. Where student, guardians and schools can diversion their money and purchase electronically, easily and safely from the canteen. It is the intermediary and custodian of the amounts deposited in the account/wallets without the slightest disposal of the amounts except by the desire of one of the parties to complete the sale and purchase process from the canteen.

This policy consists of the terms and conditions in addition to the privacy policy published on the website. It also governs your use of the app and the services it provides for the following accounts:

Guardian account:

The guardian can add money to his wallet, add his children, allocate an expense and a daily limit for each child, view the canteen products and purchase processes, and prevent unwanted products, as well as pre-ordering the meal from home.

Student account:

The student can view his account and the amount allocated by his guardian and allow him to view the canteen products, where the student’s account is created through self-registration or from his guardian’s account, and the student can buy his meal from home through the pre-order feature.

School account:

Allows the school administration to add canteens, create accounts for vendors, view registered students, add students who were not able to register, as well as withdraw funds from their e-wallet directly into their bank account.

Canteen account:

The owner of the canteen can add his products, sell them, and receive pre-orders, as the money is received from the students' portfolios completely electronically, as the canteen account is created by the school account, in addition to enabling him to request the suppliers to supply his canteen daily.

Supplier account:

It enables suppliers to display their products, receive orders from school canteens/restaurants, sell them, and receive funds electronically from the canteens' wallets, where the supplier account and any other products are created by the Maqsafy management.

This policy is for the users of ”Maqsafy” that provide electronic payment services and to improve the level of quality and the diversity of services provided, and to clarify the rights and duties of all users of ”Maqsafy” and its customers, without prejudice to any other agreements that may be included in the process of providing that service. The Policy is an agreement between Maqsafy and everyone who deals with it, and if you access, register and/or continue to use or access the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the Legal Documents with immediate effect. Therefore, accessing any of the services covered by this agreement is an implicit consent by the recipients of those services to all of what is stated in this policy.

  • Features of "My Canteen":

 Maqsafy contains many features that help to organize the process of purchasing and selling in canteens in an electronic way, by enabling canteens to receive funds into their e-wallets.

  1. Ease of use for all accounts registered in the app.

  2. Ease and speed of calculation and operations.

  3. Ease of charging the balance into your e-wallet and the ease of balance withdrawal.

  4. Facilitate and speed up the buying and selling process.

  5. Provide statements of account operations for the canteen, school and supplier.

  6. Linking the canteens accounts to the electronic system to display the products and their details. 

  7. The feature of linking the Guardian's account with the student's account.

  8. Enabling Guardian to ban unwanted products from their children.


Commercial Settlement Company (a Closed Joint Stock): is a Saudi company working in the field of developing electronic payment systems, established following the regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its address: Prince Muhammad bin Saad bin Abdulaziz Road, Al-Malqa District, Riyadh 2752, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (referred to as In this Agreement, “Commercial Settlement Company” is used for the first party.

Maqsafy: An electronic application that came to organize the payment and purchase process in school canteens electronically by enabling canteens to receive amounts through electronic wallets, where canteen, clients can download the application, add credit to their account and purchase from the canteen.

Maqsafy's payments: our app provides an electronic wallet, where payments for purchases are received electronically to the canteen’s account, by deducting the product's price and the financial value available, so that the application does not allow the purchase of products higher than the available amount.

Maqsafy Wallet: An electronic wallet that keeps money in all Maqsafy accounts, and divides them electronically according to purchases.

Agreement: These are the terms and conditions of use of the Maqsafy app, which clarify and regulate the process of the user's use of Maqsafy app accounts.


The registration stage is one of the most important stages, where the Guardian or student) register with his personal information to open an account in the app. The user agrees to grant Maqsafy an unlimited and licensed right to use the personal information that was provided to the app through the registration process, and through the forms for communication and registration, or via an e-mail or any of the available communication channels. This facilitates the operation and promotion of the application following the usage agreement and privacy policy.

Registration steps:

  1. Download the app from the electronic stores available via (Google Play \ App Store).

  2. Click on Create a new account (when applying to register for an account in Maqsafy, the user is obligated to register with the specified personal information and choose a secret password to use when entering the account).

  3. The registration confirmation code will be sent to the registered mobile number.

  4. The registration must be identical to the NID number, and the information entered must be correct, noting that the incorrectness of the entered or attached information leads to the failure to complete the registration process or the suspension of the account by the Commercial Settlement Company to preserve the correct registration rights.

  5. Maqsafy Registration has done according to the type of user's choice of account.​ 
    When Maqsafy administration accepts the registration request, the user will be considered registered in the app, and accordingly, the following will be approved:

  1. The conditions:

 Maqsafy allows access to the account after registering with the Guardian’s account and is electronically linked to the student’s account and the school canteen, where services are provided according to the following conditions:  

  • The user undertakes that he is the only person responsible for all the information he has entered, as the role of Maqsafy is limited to allowing this information to be displayed on his account interface for the app.

  • The user is particularly responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information related to his account through the password and by not allowing others to access his account.

  • In the event of any illegal use or hacking of his account, the user is obligated to contact the management of Maqsafy immediately.

  • The user is the person responsible for maintaining the use of the app in all seriousness and credibility and is considered obligated to compensate for any losses or damages that may occur to the app as a result of any illegal, real or authorized use of his account by the user or by any other person who obtained the keys to access the account, whether to accomplish Services and others using the user password, whether with or without authorization from the user.

  • The guardian’s account may be linked to several accounts in case the guardian has more than one child, to allow him to follow up on their purchases.

  • The user has the right to use one e-mail or one mobile number to open more than one account, for example when the guardian register as an operator of the canteen.

  • The management of Maqsafy has the right to freeze the violating accounts and to cancel these accounts or one of them, with the obligation to liquidate all transactions related to the account before closing or cancelling it without incurring any responsibility on Maqsafy.

  • If the user is found to have violated any of the conditions, any purchase or sale orders or any transactions made by him will be cancelled. 

  • The canteen seller undertakes to inform the school administration of any diseases that affect him as stipulated in the health requirements for school canteens.

  •   The school canteen is obligated to provide the products offered to students in its store through the app.

  • The school canteen shall not sell or display any prohibited products or any products that are in violation of the applicable laws and regulations within government laws and that violate public health. 

  •  the app reserves the right to add and change the application services fees at any time (such as, charging or withdrawing the balance, successful purchases, creating accounts, etc.).

2. The responsibility of the 'Maqsafy'

  • Maqsafy app is not responsible in any way for any unsatisfactory or late performance by the canteen or delay, due to unavailable merchandise, delayed delivery or lack of quality of service provided by the canteen.

  • Maqsafy app does not accept any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether caused directly, indirectly, accidentally or by a third party.

  • The administration of the Maqsafy app notes that in the event of its observations of any suspicious activities that are being planned or being committed, or that took place on the Canteen app, it will report to the competent authorities about these activities.​ It is not responsible in any way for these violations.

  • The User acknowledges that Maqsafy is not responsible for any improperly processed transaction or illegal or fraudulent access to the account, user identifiers and data.

  • In the event that the user does not communicate immediately about any illegal use or attempt to hack into the client’s account, Maqsafy does not bear any responsibility. They are in no way responsible for these irregularities.

  • The user acknowledges that the Maqsafy app is not responsible for any transaction that is handled incorrectly or illegally or fraudulently accessing the account and user IDs and data.

  • If the user does not immediately communicate any illegal use or attempt to hack into the client’s account, the scissors bear no responsibility.

  • Maqsafy App as a result of the disclosure of user name or password information.

  • The responsibility to apply a canteen in any claims, costs, damages, losses or expenses, whether resulting from negligence, damage, contract or otherwise, will not exceed the fees paid by the operation carried out at the school or canteen during the last month and calculated from the due date of the requirements.

3. Canteen modifications:

  • The user’s agreement that the My Maqsafy application has the authority to amend the terms and conditions, and any amendments made to it will be published on the official website of the Maqsafi application (  ), and under these amendments, the user's obligations can be doubled according to any amendments that may be made to this user agreement.

  • You acknowledge and agree that the “maqsafy” app reserves the right to modify all or any part of the privacy policy and terms and conditions without bearing legal responsibility. We may try to send periodic reminders via e-mail with the amendments to the privacy policy and terms and conditions, but you should check with your repeated visit To our site to see the latest changes to it.

  • Maqsafy application system is in constant renewal to make its use an enjoyable experience for users. You acknowledge and agree that the Commercial Settlement Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) that owns Maqsafi App may provide new services from time to time without prior notice to you, and the amended agreement will be published as a result of the introduction of new services on the official website of the Maqsafi application.

4. Alarms and stop accounts:

  • Any suspicious transactions that the user is obliged to disclose and in the event of non-response, the Commercial Settlement Company has the right to suspend the account until the completion of the transaction, and the Company has the right to suspend the account if full verification is not available and we are not responsible for any damages for any losses of any kind, whether direct or indirect, including any compensation at the expense of loss of potential profits, expected sales or obligations related to your use of scissor application services.

  • All disputes must be conducted amicable and in writing within (30) days of the date of the statement of account, the fees paid are acceptable if no written objections are filed within the 30-day period, in the event that the disputes are difficult to resolve amicably and the competent courts in Saudi Arabia are used in Riyadh. Follow-up and evaluation of account activity by the management of Maqsafy, as all inactive, ineffective and suspicious accounts will be closed in order to protect users.

  • The application sends alerts to the guardian’s account, of the necessity of recharging the wallet’s balance, and in the event of failure to respond, it sends a warning to stop the service on the account within a maximum period of two years, or as deemed by the Maqsafy administration.

  • The Commercial Settlement Company, represented by Maqsafy App has the right to suspend accounts of (the school, the canteen and the supplier) in the event of non-compliance with responding to any financial questions, banned products, or any inquiries directed from other official government authority.

  • In the event of suspension of the account, the sections of this agreement shall remain in effect in accordance with its provisions.

  • All accounts of (guardian account, student, school principal, canteen and supplier) are subject to cancellation, at any time and without prior notice, in the event of a breach of one of the terms and conditions.

5.Financial Scale Services:

Maqsafy App provides payment services in modern ways that enable for the guardian to charge the balance, allowing him to deposit an amount (daily / monthly / yearly) in his wallet and determine the value of the daily expenses for each son in their accounts so that he can make purchases from the canteen, with the possibility of each son keeping the financial differences in their wallets as a purchase value to be used later, if the request cannot be provided, it will be the responsibility of the canteen seller to inform the student directly, as the full amount paid will be returned to the student’s wallet and the App through the wallet provides the service of paying trip fees or tuition fees that may be displayed in the school store. The school and the canteen can also purchase the products offered by the supplier store registered in the canteen system, through electronic wallets with ease.
The online store canteen system works for both the canteen, the school and the supplier, and the services of the governor are available to them as follows:

The online store canteen system works for both the canteen, the school and the supplier, and the services of the governor are available to them as follows:

  • Keeping financial balances in the wallets of the application users and the ability to manage them. 

  • The price of products is calculated in the local currency (Saudi riyals), plus value-added tax, and the responsibility for determining prices and what they include of tax or any fees is the responsibility of the account/store owner.

  • All accounts are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to taxes and fees, and it is under the responsibility to pay these taxes and fees within their specified deadlines and amounts due to the competent authority. the purchase.

6. Products and Services:

1-6 controls the sale and display of products: 

Once registered in the App, the store owner undertakes in the “Maqsafy” App o (the school, the canteen, the supplier account) to abide by the mechanism, terms and conditions of sale and the display of products in the account stores, and he must apply the following matters:

  1. That he has the legal authority and power to sell and promote products through the App and use the services therein and warrants that his doing so does not violate any law, rule of law, applicable regulation, rights of privacy or publicity, or any proprietary or other rights of any party or a third party and that he has not and will not enter into any agreements, negotiations or transactions (whether oral or written) that conflict with this Agreement.

  2. The prices displayed in the stores of the canteen, supplier and school are subject to the policy of the account and the user who manages it.

  3. Maqsafy App is not responsible for the process of receiving the product by the student. This service is the responsibility of (the student and the school canteen), as Maqsafy must secure the receiving process. 

  4. The customer shall bear any additional costs resulting from returning or exchanging the product without reason.

  5.  All products sold shall be original and free from defects as described in the product description, and in the event of any violation or breach of this clause, the canteen shall immediately compensate the affected student with the value of the commodity purchased or any other financial claims for damages caused to the student due to the commodity where the application is void Maqsafy is responsible with regard to the after-sales services from the school store and the canteen, and with regard to the relationship between the supplier and the canteen or school, this is subject to the discretion of Maqsafy App management.

  6. The canteen is obligated not to send promotional information or additional contact information to parents or students within the product packages that it sells through the App

  7. The following products are not allowed to be sold:

  • Products that are not authorized in the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the laws and regulations issued. 

  • It is not allowed to sell counterfeit products of internationally or locally registered brands.

  • Selling stolen, unknown or unlicensed products is not permitted.​

  • Not to sell any damaged, defective, counterfeit, or invalid goods, or that through their use could cause harm to the users of the App.

  • Any commodity or product that has been officially or unofficially announced by any relevant government agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it is not allowed to be sold, imported or used, whether before or after its display, to the right of the canteen not to allow it to be displayed or sold.

2-6 Controls for describing products in the description box:

  • It prevents the transmission of false, fraudulent, misleading information about products in the application.

  • It is prohibited to publish information or content that does not comply with Islamic Sharia laws, provisions, principles and values.

  • It is forbidden to use inappropriate words when describing the product for sale by using words in product names or titles, with the aim of attracting attention or directing customers to the products.

  • Posting details of products in the store through my Maqsafy and does not constitute a guarantee of the availability of products, offers or prices (including but not limited to: marketing flyers, advertisements and offers for the offered products)

7. General provisions :

  • If any material contained in this employment agreement is cancelled, such an order does not eliminate the validity of the rest of the articles, terms, rules and provisions of the Employment Agreement and remains valid until further notice from the Management of Maqsafy App.

  • This employment agreement, which is amended from time to time as appropriate, constitutes a mechanism of action, understanding and agreement, and all accounts comply with the provisions of this agreement, and store accounts agree to take into account the following:

  1. No person, other than the management of Maqsafy App, has the right to impose any articles, clauses or provisions in the use agreement for Maqsafy App, and to apply Maqsafy to receive proposals in relation to this agreement.

  2. If the employment agreement is translated into any other language, whether on a canteen application or otherwise, the Arabic text of the employment agreement remains the origin in all transactions.

  3. This employment agreement is not cancelled or amended except by a decision of the Department of Maqsafy App

8. Intellectual property :

  • The administration of the Maqsafy App respects the intellectual property rights of canteens, schools and suppliers that they have created through their accounts, whether they are owned by them before or after establishing their account in the App.

  • Users of Maqsafy App that respect the intellectual property rights of 'Maqsafy', including Maqsafy App, words, logos and other symbols displayed on Maqsafy App, as Maqsafy App, and each right followed, are protected rights under intellectual property rights and trademark laws and are purely owned by the commercial settlement company and are in no way entitled to infringe or use them without the authorization of the administration of Maqsafy App.

9. Technical support:

  • Following these terms of use, Maqsafy App offers some technical support services to users, such as:

  1. A free control panel is available to manage the supplier’s store, canteen, school, and the control panel includes some free services such as sales and revenue supervision.

  2. If the user wishes to add some different or multiple services, this is subject to the policy of packages and offers to Maqsafy App, which is often subject to financing fees.

  3. The canteen operator has the right to communicate with the technical support team for the Maqsafy App through the means of communication mentioned in this agreement and to solve electronic technical problems that may arise on his account.

10. Resolve Disputes:

  • Under the rules and provisions of the user agreement, in the event of a dispute, the dispute is resolved through conciliation, negotiations or a friendly settlement, and if the dispute continues, it will be resolved by the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

11. Receipt of the Complaints:

  1. Maqsafy App hopes in case of complaints in the services provided, follow the steps outlined:
    The first step:  Submit a complaint statement through the link provided on the website of my cafeteria, provided that the statement includes: the text of the complaint and the supporting documents - the name of the supplier’s store or the school in which the violating canteen is located. Then the canteen application will refer the complaint to the school to cooperate in solving it if the complaint is submitted to the canteen.
    The second step: If the concerned person does not respond to the complainant within seven days, the complainant will be informed.
    The third step: The consumer has the right to take what he deems appropriate after perusal of the content of the concerned response to the complaint.

  2. Maqsafy App also reserves the right to close the violating store if it is proven to have committed the violation.

12. Contact information  :

Thank you for using the “Maqsafy App” which is owned by the Commercial Settlement Company, a closed joint-stock registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Mobile number: 00966556044457

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