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Agreement between Small & Medium Enterprises Authority (Monsha’at) and Maqsafy

Small & Medium Enterprises Authority has paramount importance to support the national economy, driving development and has beneficial effect on the social and economic fronts, create new job opportunities for Saudi youth, open new job markets, diversification of sources income and expand the production base in keeping with achieving Kingdom vision (2030),

agreement has been reached between Mosha’at and Maqsafy to support the medium & small enterprises in school canteen field. Monsha’at is government authority aiming to organize, support and care on enterprises sectors in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to best practices in develop the production of these enterprises, increase its contribution in the domestic product, increase the absorptive capacity for Saudi economy that leads to generate the jobs and find job opportunities for national labour force and the fact that Maqsafy helps in sale process in school canteens electronically by enabling the canteens to receive money through Students’ electronic wallets and the guardian can download the app, add his/her children, and set the financial amounts with a daily limit for their use. The guardian can also track their purchases

and give them the daily allowance electronically. All of these came through Commercial Settlement Company “a closed joint” experience in technical and organizing field and which is working on development of electronic payment systems by its team work and partners inside and outside Saudi Arabia, where is developing and organizing of work and administrate the canteens school.



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