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Maqsafy App Starting in the Saudi Royal Guard primary School (Female Section)

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A workshop had been held on Sunday 6\8\1441. In the Saudi Royal Guard primary school (Female Section) by Maqsafy App Staff Ms. Rana Abdullah Ms. Sara Saad Ms.Amjad Talal and Ms.Maha Maher in conjunction with administrative staff of the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment primary school and with the principal of the school Ms.Meshael Al Harbi and the leader of resources Alia Husssain Al Moa’amen in order to develop the their canteen work and to regulate the sale process in the canteen electronically and add both practical and educational output.

The workshop included usage guide and the subscription and how to register in the app and the powers available for each guardian and student. Furthermore, clarifying the positive sides of Maqsafy App usage and distribution of brochure for the students to explain how to use Maqsafy App in user-friendly manner and also, the workshop witnessed a large turnout and interaction among students to download Maqsafy App.


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