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School Agreement Use for Maqsafy

We welcome you to Maqsafy App of (Commercial Settlement Company (closed joint-stock), and inform you that you will find below the terms and conditions agreement regulating the use of the School’s Account in Maqsafy App as well as all the legal effects resulting from the school administration’s use of the application services. We welcome you to Maqsafy App of (Commercial Settlement Company (closed joint-stock), and inform you that you will find below the terms and conditions agreement regulating the use of the School’s Account in Maqsafy App as well as all the legal effects resulting from the school administration’s use of the application services.

According to all the articles, terms and conditions of this agreement, which is a confirmation of the school administration’s commitment to its regulations and the content of the agreement. Maqsafy is a (website or application in mobile phone) as well as when the school registering and setting up its own store as the school, when registering and setting up its own store, serves the student and the guardian and we refer to them as Consumers in front of the school.

Moreover, the school will be able to become a consumer in front of canteens and suppliers in the application as commercial entities.

School administrators can manage tuition fees, fees for group activities, events, and fees for school-related trips with Maqsafy App through electronic wallets, and thus the school agrees that this agreement is valid and effective once it approves it and begins the registration procedures by applying my canteen According to Five and Ten Article of the Saudi Electronic Transactions Law.

Article One - Introduction and Definitions: 

The above preamble is an integral part of this agreement, as you will find below the indications and definitions of the main terms used in this agreement:

  1.  (Maqsafy App) By this phrase mean Maqsafy system, Acting as a mediator and maintaining the amounts deposited in accounts without disposing of them except with the desire of one of the parties for the purpose of completing purchases and sales. This initiative brings forward solutions and keeps pace with digital transformation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is an introduction of Commercial Settlement (a closed joint-stock).

  2. (Commercial Settlement Company (a Closed Joint Stock) is a Saudi company working in the field of developing electronic payment systems. It was established in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The address of the company: Prince Muhammad bin Saad bin Abdulaziz Road, Al-Malqa District, Riyadh 2752, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  3. (School) means every educational facility is registered in Maqsafy App and a store is created for it through which it can manage its financial transactions in Maqsafy App.

  4. (Consumer) means anyone who purchases services or products from the school’s online store in the maqsafy App. The description of the consumer includes both the students registered in the application and their parents.

  5. (Agreement) by this phrase means the rules, terms and conditions of using the Canteen app, that is, all the terms and conditions of this agreement, which govern and regulate the relationship between Maqsafy App, the school, the canteen, students, parents and suppliers.

  6. (Service Provider) means the services that the Muqsafy App provides to the school through third parties, for example, Providing logistics services.

Article Two - Eligibility of the Legal School:  

  1. The school acknowledges that it has a legal capacity under the Sharia and the law, as it is considered in the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and as a school administrator, is knowledgeable enough to create, establish and manage its online store through Maqsafy App.

  2. The principal of a school or his representative declares that he\she is of sound capacity and that he does not suffer from any of the symptoms of eligibility.

  3. The school agrees that if it violates this article “the legal school’s eligibility,” it will bear the consequences of this violation in front of consumers, users or others, as Maqsafy App has nothing to do with the school’s dealings with the consumer or others in terms of legal, regular and legal terms, and it is also entitled to apply Maqsafy App in this case, the school is held accountable under the provisions of contractual liability, and its demand for compensation for damages that may arise as a result of this violation, and such damages affect Maqsafy App its reputation in front of other schools, consumers, suppliers, or others.

Article Three - The nature of the obligation to implement Maqsafy App in front of the school:

  1. The task of Maqsafy App is simply to provide electronic support tools, such as establishing a special account for the school and providing electronic wallet services, as the commitment of the Maqsafy App under this agreement is only to open an electronic account for the school and allow it to open a store for users such as students and parents.

  2. Maqsafy App may provide other services to the school or its stores, such as marketing support services or guidance and counselling services.

  3. Maqsafy App allows the school that agrees to this agreement to open an account and create an online store. There is no responsibility on Maqsafy App for the violations you make in violation of the provisions of this agreement.

  4. The school does not have the right to use Maqsafy App if its account or store is cancelled by Maqsafy App or by court orders or rulings, and it is also bound by all the rules and provisions mentioned in the usage agreement for the Maqsafy app.

Article 4 - Registering as a School Account:

Once you apply to join Maqsafy App, you are required to disclose specific information and set a password in order to activate your account, you will become a user of Maqsafy App services, and you have agreed to:

  1. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and the confidentiality of the password, and you agree to immediately notify the Maqsafy App of any unauthorized use of your account information with the Maqsafy App or any other breach of your confidential information.

  2. In no event will the Maqsafy App be liable for any loss that you may suffer directly or indirectly, morally or materially, as a result of disclosing user name or login information, or in case of misuse of the account.

  3. You are obligated to use your account yourself, as you are fully responsible for it, and if someone else uses it, it means that you have authorized it to use the account in your name unless you know Maqsafy administration otherwise.

  4. You are obligated when you use Maqsafy App to use it in all seriousness and credibility, and adhere to the rules and provisions of the user agreement and to adhere to the informal and legal controls applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you are obligated to compensate Maqsafy App for any direct or indirect losses it may suffer as a result of any illegal use is not real, or is not authorized for your account by you or by any other person who is able to access your account, whether to perform services using your username and password, or as a result of your negligence, and whether or not with your authorization.

  5. You are obligated to disclose true, correct, up-to-date, complete and legal information about yourself as required during registration with the Maqsafy App and you are obligated to update your data in the event that it has changed in reality or in the event of the need to do so.

  6. Maqsafy App is obligated to treat your personal information and contact addresses confidentially in accordance with the provisions of Maqsafy Privacy Policy and the confidentiality of information applicable to Maqsafy App.

  7. You will be obligated to maintain and always update the registration data to keep it real, correct, current, complete and legal, and if you disclose information that is not true, incorrect, not current, incomplete, illegal or in violation of the terms of the user agreement, the app has the right to stop, freeze or cancel your account in the application, without prejudice to the rights of my other site and its legitimate means to recover their rights and protect other users.

  8. Maqsafy App has the right at any time to conduct any investigations it deems necessary, whether directly or through a third party and require you to disclose any additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity or ownership of your money in your wallet.

  9. In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, the Maqsafy App administration has the right to suspend or cancel the school’s store or account or freeze it. It also reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed and unverified accounts, transactions or accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time.

Article Five - Electronic Communications and Official Communications:

  1. The school agrees to communicate with it through e-mail, or the administration of Maqsafy App, broadcasting general messages that are received to all users or to specific users. You also agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications that we provide to you electronically shall serve as written counterparts, and are a stand-alone argument, in meeting legal needs.

  2. Maqsafy App will send promotional emails to inform it of any changes, procedures or new promotional activities that may be added Maqsafy App.

Article Six - Amendments to the Employment Agreement:

  1. You have to know and agree that Maqsafy will notify you of any modification to this Agreement, whereby your obligations will be multiplied or your rights diminished in accordance with any amendments that may be made to this User Agreement.

  2. You agree that Maqsafy App has its full authority and without taking the legal responsibility to make any basic or subsidiary amendments to this agreement, and users will be notified about this amendment by any technical means provided, and this may be by e-mail or by broadcasting a public message to all users Maqsafy App provides technical means to show your acceptance of this amendment, and this acceptance is legal, due to ignorance and binding on the provisions of the Agreement, including the amendments.

  3. If you object to any modification to this User Agreement, it may affect  Your continued registration, as to benefit from the services of Maqsafy App, you must agree to this agreement and any amendment thereto, and therefore in the event of non-acceptance of the amendment, the Maqsafi application expects you to stop registering or to stop using its services, as the mere entry into your account in Maqsafy App or your use It shall be deemed your acceptance of the amendments and your complete and complete consent in the absence of ignorance, Maqsafy App is pleased to answer your inquiries regarding this Agreement and receive any suggestions.

  4. All fees are calculated in Saudi riyals, and you must pay all fees due on the application in addition to any other expenses added by Maqsafy App, provided that adding money in the wallet by the approved and specified means available in Maqsafy App.

  5. Maqsafy App reserves the right to add, increase, decrease or deduct any fees or expenses under the rules and provisions of the use agreement, to any of the users for whatever reason they registered.

Article Seven - Payment and reimbursement Services:

  1. Maqsafy App provides a payment system through electronic wallets, from which a deduction is made upon the completion of any successful purchase transaction, and the collection resulting from sales operations is deposited in it after taking fees that are variable in nature, which is governmental, administrative fees and any other fees for Maqsafy App.

  2. There is no relationship to Maqsafy App with the payment method on receipt, this method of payment is subject to the relationship between the student or parents and school.

  3. The school is obligated to determine the price of the service or merchandise that you offer in the store according to the market value that is customary in schools, and Maqsafy App does not involve of any way to a miscalculation of the prices or services offered on Maqsafy App, as its estimation in the usual form is an obligation of the school.

  4. The school is obligated to provide invoices and receipt vouchers for all amounts and profits that arise from its store, and it is obligated to indicate in all these invoices the type of goods or service, their quantities, descriptions and value, and accordingly, the school is committed to providing the accounting specifications required in its online store in order to meet any obligations that may fall upon it. Such as, the tax. As Maqsafy App disclaims its responsibility to pay any taxes or fees on its behalf, in the application of the provisions of this agreement, and the legal, economic and national interests in this regulation, and in the event that the school violates the provisions of this clause, it is responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of this infringement.

  5. Maqsafy App has the right to prevent the completion of any payment process in violation of the rules and provisions of the user agreement or cancel any purchase or sale order as a result of a technical or technical error in the application that led to a difference in the prices displayed on the application from the market value of the product, including a loss for Maqsafy App and Maqsafy App is not responsible for those amounts.

  6. Maqsafy App administration has the right to cancel, modify or change any of the payment methods that it has made available on the Maqsafy App.

Article Eight - School information and operations details:

  1. You have no objection to granting Maqsafy App an unlimited, permanent and irrevocable right, exempt from expenses, and licensed to use information or personal materials or anything else that you provided or provided to the application or announced on the application by joining it or establishing your store, through the forms for communication and registration, or through any email or any of the communication channels available in the application. With the aim of achieving any of the interests that the application sees.

  2. You are solely responsible for the information that you submit or publish, and the role of Maqsafy App is to allow you to display this information through the application and through its advertising channels.

  3. The confidentiality of the account information available through the application is subject to the rules of the “Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information” available on the Maqsafy website

Article Nine - The school pledges to abide by the laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  1. The school undertakes to abide by all the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding its products or/and while using Maqsafy App, as well as the applicable laws, terms and conditions regulating the use of the Internet, the usage agreement, the privacy policy and confidentiality of information applicable to Maqsafy App

  2. In the event that the school violates what is stated in Article 9, it acknowledges the right of Maqsafy App to take any of the following measures, including but not limited to: alerting, stopping the service and considering closing the account or store, returning any suspended amounts in its electronic wallet to consumers.

Article Ten - Rights:

  1. All content on Maqsafy App, electronic or otherwise, written or unwritten, including but not limited to: written and unwritten texts - graphic designs - technical ideas - logos - presentations - button icons - icons - audio clips - aggregated data, It is the property of Maqsafy App and its rights are reserved to the Commercial Settlement Company, and no one has the right to use it in any way, whether direct or indirect use or through a third party.

  2. Maqsafy App administration notes that it will take the necessary measures regarding the infringement and violation of any of the application’s rights or intellectual property.

  3. Maqsafy App shall not be liable in case of infringement of the intellectual property rights owned by the school registered in the application or its registered stores.

Article Eleven - Intellectual Property:

  1. Maqsafy App administration respects the schools’ intellectual property rights that they have created through their accounts, whether they are owned by them before or after the establishment of their account.

  2. The school respects the intellectual property rights of Maqsafy App, which includes Maqsafy App itself, and the words, logos and other symbols displayed on Maqsafy App, as Maqsafy App, and every right that follows it, are rights protected by intellectual property rights and trademark laws and are the exclusive property of the Commercial Settlement Company. It is not entitled in any way to infringe or use it without authorization from the administration of Maqsafy App.

Article Twelve - Consumer:

  1. The consumer in front of the school is represented by both the student and the guardian. During registration, they provide the My Canteen application with the following information, for example, but not limited to: Name - NID or residence number - phone.

  2. The technical of Maqsafy App systems keep consumer data in order to facilitate their use of the application and the completion of the purchases they desire.

  3. In the interest of implementing Maqsafy on the rights of students and parents, even though they are not a party to this agreement, and in order to achieve one of the most important objectives of the Maqsafy initiative to provide a high-quality service for all, and in order to ensure that consumers receive all their purchases in a proper manner, the Maqsafy App explains to the school the following:

  4. In the event that any of the student or guardians purchases goods and they do not receive the required goods or services, or that he received goods that differ from the specifications mentioned in the school store, then the consumer has the right to inform Maqsafy App and Maqsafy App has the right to take what it deems appropriate regarding the store. The school that violated the rules of this agreement, according to the rules of this agreement. However, Maqsafy App is not legally responsible for this breach by the school in the face of students and parents, but rather for reasons of improving the quality of the application's services.

  5. The student may review his purchases before receiving them to ensure that they are sound and in conformity with what was chosen, as Maqsafy App is not responsible for the relationship between the student and the school after receiving the service or order.

  6. Maqsafy App is not obligated in any way according to this article and this clause to take a reaction to the consumer complaint, but the reaction of the application to the consumer complaint is subject to the pure desire of the application of My Canteen and according to what it deems appropriate, in accordance with the rules of this agreement. In order to preserve its interest and commercial and economic reputation, and in any case, Maqsafy App may take some measures against the school that deliberately deceive, shadow or cheat students or their parents, such as: freezing the school’s account or drawing attention to the non-repetition of this App to preserve and protect the rights of all users and those registered with it.

Article Thirteen - Responsibility for Implementing Maqsafy:

  1. My Canteen is not responsible in any way for any unsatisfactory or late performance by stores, shipping companies, electronic payment gateways, banks or consumers' non-compliance with payment, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays, due to unavailable or late-delivery merchandise Or the lack of quality of service provided by the stores.

  2. Canteen application does not accept any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether caused directly, indirectly, accidentally or by a third party.

  3. The Canteen app administration notes that in the event of its observations of any suspicious activities that are being planned or being committed, or that took place on a canteen app, it will report to the competent authorities about these activities. It is not responsible in any way for these violations.

Article Fourteen - Confidentiality of Information:

  1. Maqsafy App takes high-quality standards (concrete, organizational and technical) to protect its users and prevent unauthorized access to personal information or stores and keep it.

  2. Maqsafy App has no control over the actions of any third party, or third parties, such as other internet pages linked via links within the app or third parties claiming to represent you and others.

  3. You have to know and agree that the app may use your information that you have disclosed, in order to provide services to you, and that the privacy policy in the app's app controls the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personal identity information, and the confidentiality rules of information are subject to the "Privacy Policy and Confidential Information" of Maqsafy App and published on the website.

Article Fifteenth – Cancellation of the school’s account or store:

Maqsafy App, according to this user agreement and according to the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, may resort to freezing the school’s account or store or reducing its use of application services, in the following cases:

  1. Violation of the rules and provisions of the User Agreement.

  2. If Maqsafy App can not authenticate any of the user information provided to it.

  3. If Maqsafy App determines that the school's account activities are against the law or may cause other users or Maqsafy App to be in trouble or legal violations.

  4. Maqsafy App does not waive its right to take appropriate measures regarding any violation of the rules and provisions of the user agreement and other similar acts of violation, and it is not obligated to take any actions against any violation of the user agreement, but this matter is subject to the discretion of the Maqsafi application and its legal administration.

Article Sixteen - Payments, selling and buying from the school:

  1. The school is committed to managing its store well, in a way that preserves the rights of the student and the guardian and does not create a conflict between them.

  2. The school is committed to managing the buying and selling operations that take place in its store via the electronic wallet.

  3. Maqsafy App indicates that it has nothing to do with any dispute that may arise between the school and the students or their parents, or what may arise between it and the suppliers or operators registered in the system, as the entities available in the application have their complete independence and are separate from the entity of Maqsafy system, nor Relationship to the application of Maqsafy App with any default that occurs on the part of students or their parents towards the school, whether due to their failure to pay or otherwise.

  4. The school agrees and acknowledges that you will not make false or manipulative purchases or sales on the Maqsafy App, and will not use a fake name or any personal information that is not real or use a credit card that does not belong to it, as Maqsafy has the right to take appropriate legal action against everyone who to with the fraud of this kind.

  5. The school acknowledges with its full knowledge and lack of ignorance that the management of the Maqsafy App in its transfer of funds for their activities within the Maqsafy App is subject to the supervision of the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Article Seventeen - Contents and Products Not Allowed:

  1. As a registered school, you must not allow the advertisement or publication of any content that violates the privacy policy and confidentiality of information or violates the rules and provisions of this user agreement.

  2. Maqsafy App is strictly prohibited from selling the following products and services, including but not limited to: lucky boxes or random products, any product/service that may lead to any physical or psychological harm to the student in any way, any pirated content or subscriptions, and everything that violates property rights Intellectual and publishing.

Article Eighteen- School Responsibility:

  1. The school agrees to take responsibility and protect the Maqsafy App, its employees, owners or subsidiaries from any damage that may occur to it as a result of the school’s violations. Costs, expenses or fees resulting from the misuse of the school’s account and resulting in a breach of the user agreement or the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an infringement of the rights of a user or third parties, or a complaint from a user or third parties.

  2. Maqsafy App does not guarantee to the school that the products that the supplier or operator may provide to it when requesting some goods or services are free from any defects, but the school must guarantee them in its store for the student by mentioning the warranty and its duration on the goods in the product description box, and the school must abide by the good quality of services through her store

  3. Without prejudice to the rights of other accounts, the app can suspend or cancel the school's account or limit its use of the app's services at any time, without notice, for any reason, and without limitation.

Article Nineteen – The transfer of School Rights and Obligations:

The school does not have the right to object to the actions of the Canteen application administration in relation to its App “Maqsafy”, whether these actions are, for example, but not limited to: affecting Maqsafy App entity, its obligations, ownership, or responsibilities, or technical actions or administrative actions related to a canteen application, a canteen application that is not he is obligated to inform her, and if he sees the importance of informing her about any of these behaviours, Maqsafy App may inform her according to his own will, in accordance with the rules and provisions of the user agreement.

Article 20 - Law and legislation applicable with the school:

This user agreement is governed and formulated according to the laws, regulations and legislation in force and applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and completely subject to the legislation in force at the authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Article Twenty-First - Paper and electronic advertising publications and offers for my Maqsafy App:

  1. The rules and provisions of this User Agreement shall apply to all paper and electronic advertising publications across the various publishing platforms and through the various social media of the Commercial Settlement Company.

  2. The mentioned publications and publications are a promotional medium for x Maqsafy App

  3. The publications are subject to change and are not binding on Maqsafy App regarding the stability of the prices of services, packages or offers and change of prices and is subject to the changes that occur Maqsafy App are temporary offers and are determined by a specific period of time, and Maqsafy App is not obligated to extend the time period or continue in the specified period of time as it has the right to be satisfied or determine the entitlement of any user to this offer or cancel this offer at any time.

Article twenty-two - Strategic and logistical services for the school (third party services):

  1. According to the rules and provisions of this user agreement, Maqsafy App may provide some strategic or logistical services through a third party, and these services may be, for example, but not limited to: the services of shipping companies and the delivery of products and goods.

  2. Maqsafy App is not entirely responsible, directly or indirectly, for any actions of any third party, and what it does is just a link between the school and the service provider (the third party).

  3. Some strategic and logistical service providers set their own requirements or costs at their own discretion.

Article twenty-three- Technical Support:

Under the rules and provisions of this User Agreement, Maqsafy App provides some technical support services for the school, for example:

  1. A free control panel is available to the school administration, and the control panel includes some free services such as supervising canteen sales and revenues.

  2. If the school wishes to add some services, different services, or multiple services, this is subject to the policy of canteen application packages and offers, which are often subject to financing fees.

  3. The school has the right to communicate with the technical support team for the application of my cafeteria through the means of communication mentioned in this agreement and to resolve electronic technical issues that may arise on its account.

Article Twenty Four - Settlement of Disputes:

According to the rules and provisions of this User Agreement, in the event of a dispute, the dispute shall be resolved through conciliation, negotiations or amicable settlement, and in the event of the dispute continuing, it shall be resolved by the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Article twenty-five - Policy for receiving complaints against the school:

We hope that you will apply Maqsafy App in the event of a complaint against the school regarding the services provided in the application, follow the following steps:

First Step: Submit a complaint statement through the link provided on the Maqsafy website, provided that the statement includes: the text of the complaint and the supporting documents - the name of the violating school. Then, Maqsafy App will forward the complaint to the concerned school in order to solve it.

The second step: In the event that the school does not respond to the complainant within seven days, the complainant will be informed.

The third step: The consumer has the right to take what he deems appropriate after seeing the content of the school's response to the complaint.

Maqsafy App also reserves the right to close the violating store in the event that it is proven to have committed a violation.

Article Twenty-Six - General Provisions:

In the event that any incoming clause or clause in this User Agreement is cancelled or any clause in this User Agreement is no longer in force, such order shall not revoke the validity of the remaining clauses, terms, rules and provisions of the User Agreement and shall remain in effect until notice Another of my canteen management application.

This usage agreement - which is amended from time to time as the case may be - constitutes the mechanism of work, understanding, agreement and contracting between the school and its store and a canteen application only, and the school is bound by the provisions of this agreement, and the school also agrees to take into account the following:

  1. This usage agreement is valid for all users of the Maqsafy App and it is the regulator of the relationship and is the contract between the school and Maqsafy App only, regardless of any legal, institutional, commercial or charitable form the school may take. As for the relationship between the school and the consumer, it is subject to an independent legal relationship and has its own ongoing controls between them.

  2. No person, other than the administration of Maqsafy App, shall have the right to impose any articles, terms or provisions in the Use Agreement for Maqsafy App, and for Maqsafy App to receive School Suggestions in connection with this Agreement.

  3. If the use agreement has been translated into any other language, whether on Maqsafy App or otherwise, the Arabic text of the user agreement shall remain the original in all transactions.

  4. This usage agreement shall not be cancelled or modified except by virtue of a decision issued by the Maqsafy App administration.

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