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Automating sales processes in canteens

Maqsafy App fully automates the sale, supply, and regulation of food in canteens and cafeterias.


The Commercial Settlement Company (closed joint-stock) is a Saudi company working in the field of developing electronic payment systems through its team and its partners inside and outside Saudi Arabia, where the company implemented the project of the Maqsafy application through online app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store), and the services provided are centred around five primary elements.

About Us Maqsafy

Maqsafy App Accounts


Guardians can top-up their own e-wallets, as well as their children's, allocate an expense and a daily limit for each child, browse canteen products and purchase processes, and restrict unwanted products, as well as pre-order meals from home.

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Student accounts are either created through self-registration or through their guardian’s account. Students can view their own accounts and the amount allocated by their guardians. They can also browse the canteen products, as well as purchase meals from home through the pre-order feature.


Allows the school administration to add canteens, create accounts for vendors, view registered students, add students who were not able to register, as well as withdraw funds from their e-wallet directly into their bank account.


Canteen owners can add their products, sell them, and receive pre-orders, as the money is received from the students' portfolios completely electronically. This is because the canteen account is created through the school account. In addition, canteen accounts can be used to request suppliers to supply their canteens daily.


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